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35 years ago, Jim Ryan started the alternative specialist provision which has since gained prominence throughout the country, being used and adapted to suit the needs of various settings and education providers.

Every student is valued and encouraged to develop their character and talents to their full potential. Confidence and maturity are nurtured by experienced tutors, along with an atmosphere of opportunity, enquiry, equality, diversity and care.

Our primary duty at West Midlands Education and Skills is safeguarding all of our students.

Specialist Provision Learning in the West Midlands

West Midlands Education and Skills is an Independent School offering Specialist Provision for students aged 11-19. The specialist programme that we offer gives young people the best possible opportunities, allowing them to develop their skills for lifelong learning as part of their individual education and learning plan.

The ultimate purpose of our specialist provision is to enable students to flourish in adult life.West Midlands Education and Skills works holistically with each student and nurtures a strong partnership with parents, schools, colleges, training providers, LEA and all other relevant agencies.The one to one programme provides integrated specialist support for young people facing substantial difficulties that prevent them from engaging in mainstream education and training. Each student is designated their own tutor who devises and delivers an individually tailored programme to meet the student’s academic and social needs. Tutors and students are matched based on their working styles and personalities. Staff are carefully selected for their skills and experience and are subject to checks by the Disclosure and Barring service.

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Specialist Provision

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