We were very excited on Thursday as we visited the Flood Expo at the NEC. The reason we visited the show was to learn about how technology can help defend places in which we live from flood damage and water damage.
For geography this term we are investigating floods and looking at the devastation they can cause and how it impacts the lives of everyday people.
We realised very quickly how lucky we were to live in England when we have the use of modern technology to help us. We thought about how people in other countries would deal with similar problems without having the technology that we could see in front of us.

During the day we tried our hand at different demonstrations and got to talk to inventors. Some of us took part in trying out new forms of transport that help the county stay safe and clean and stops us from getting sick. We even ate some edible soil and pebbles….it was delicious.
Some business go to underdeveloped countries and help them stay safe from dirty water, poisonous gas and even land mines. We thought they were very brave. Some students tried on some of the clothing that people wear to keep safe in contaminated water and one student even had a pretend shower in an emergency radiation shower.

We enjoyed our day and it was fun to be together learning in a new way. For some of us, seeing the inventions helped us understand the need for them while other students enjoyed talking to inventors and other businesspeople who were trying to make the world better to live in.