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Here at West Midlands Education & Skills, we understand that parents and guardians want to help as much as possible with their child’s education. 

The school has a range of people available to help parents and guardians with any issues they may have.

–  The individual tutors who are the first point of contact for all routine issues and concerns.

–  The Head of School to support parents/guardians, students and staff. 

–  The Chair of Governors for issues that may require further exploration.


Revision sites and advice for parents and guardians

We are aware that many parents/guardians wish to help their child with their studies as much as possible. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some useful revision and education web sites you may want to make use of.

Useful websites

Guides and websites by subject

Proprietor: Sharon Saunders

Head of School: Jessica Butler

Internet Safety

At West Midlands Education & Skills we give advice for both staff and students on internet safety and we believe that parents need the same understanding. The information below gives a good outline of how to be safe when using the internet.

More information about staying safe online is available at:

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