Our Specialist Provision

Specialist Provision Working with Schools and Local Authorities

We work holistically with each student to nurture strong partnerships with parents, schools, colleges and local education authorities as well as other necessary agencies. 

The one to one programme provides integrated and specialist support for young people facing substantial barriers preventing them from engaging in mainstream education.

With a designated tutor to devise and deliver an individually tailored plan to meet their needs,  the programme gives young people the best possible opportunities, allowing them to flourish in adult life.

Provision for special education needs (SEN)

Special educational needs (SEN) affect a child’s ability to learn in a variety of ways. Their needs can take the form of the following:

  • behaviour or ability to socialise
  • reading and writing
  • ability to understand concepts, feelings or emotions
  • concentration levels
  • physical needs or impairments

All students with an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan are enrolled onto the Specialist Provision where they will be provided with a personal tutor. Each student’s Individual Learning Plan is compiled using recommendations from their EHC plan and from the background information provided to us. Each student’s performance is monitored regularly and reviews are conducted annually or as needed to ensure that the support strategies in place are enabling the student to achieve.

During induction, all students complete an assessment that is aimed at identifying certain indicators of the presence of learning difficulties. The student’s progress is reviewed regularly to ensure that strategies in place are facilitating learning and promoting progress.


Provision for students with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD)

Management and staff at West Midlands Education and Skills are committed to removing barriers to learning and encourage students to achieve and exceed expectations. All staff members employ a preventative approach to disruptive behaviour, maintaining an awareness of each student’s specific needs and following relevant support strategies. In addition, we actively promote and reward good behaviour using a point system.

Enabling students to develop self-esteem and confidence is the hallmark of West Midlands Education and Skills. Students feel valued and proud of their progress and of the journey they have made working with us. Respect is an almost tangible aspect of our school ethos and, coupled with excellent support, it is the reason why our students’ personal development is good. We also work closely with support organisations such as the Behaviour Support Service (BSS) and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to provide additional support for students who require it.

We Provide Individual Learning Plans Ensuring That All Students Can Thrive

The Individual Learning Plan includes:

Educational Visits – which include museums, galleries, zoos, factories and many more.

A variety of styles of therapy – which include art therapy, music therapy and talk therapy.

A focus on Mental Health – developing ways of improving mental wellbeing, strategies for improving stress and dealing with anxiety or anger.

Gym visits, boxing, walking and healthy eating; all to help develop a healthy lifestyle.


Student of the month rewards for outstanding behaviour and achievements.
Outreach activities such as go-karting, bowling, ice skating, laser quest and 5 a side football. 





We have zero tolerance for drugs, bullying and all forms of crime.


Specialist Provision

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